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        · System introduction

        Single axis turntable rate/position is a kind of single axis using multi-function testing equipment. Has position, speed, swing, and other functions, can satisfy the inertial system and the inertia of the components function test and experiment. The turntable adopts industrial control computer operation control, and have high precision positioning capability, stable, operating rate distortion degree of small and good dynamic characteristics.

        · Performance index

        1. Material: stainless steel (or hard aluminum)

        2. Effective working mesa dimension: the diameter 600mm

        3. Load capacity: 40kg

        4. Angle range: continuous rotation five laps

        5. Conductive sliping: 26 x 1A, 4 x 10A

        6. Mesa flatness: 0.05 mm

        7. Mesa beating: 0.05 mm

        8. Turntable control indexes:

        9. Angle measuring accuracy: + 0.01 °

        10. Angle measuring repeatability: + 0.01 °

        11. Angle position control accuracy: + 0.01 °

        12. Rate scope: 0.01 ° ~ 120 ° / s/s

        13. Rate 100ppm; precision: 1e - 6deg/s

        14. Angle acceleration not less than 90 ° / s



        Uniaxial angular position/angular rate turntable
        Product categories
        Wide range transient power supply
        High frequency motor driver
        Fla pin Simulation System
        Uniaxial angular position/angular rate turntable
        High-precision data acquisition
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