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        Xian New intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd3

        · system introduction

          intelligent hydraulic test system for missile weapon system ground equipment hydraulic yuan, devices, test automation for equipment maintenance provide a powerful means testing. Intelligent hydraulic test system consists of oil tank, pump motor test rig, valve test rig, oil cylinder test rig, computers console composition.

         the system can testing components are divided into four categories: hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, hydraulic oil cylinder, hydraulic valves. Hydraulic valves were divided into 10 smallest class: (electromagnetic) relief valve, pressure reducing valve, order valves, balance valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, check valve, check valve, hydraulic controlled cartridge fitting, flow regulator, cartridge throttle valve, stone are flow valves, multi-way directional valve.

          various hydraulic valve, pump, oil cylinder, motor components and divided into several different models.

        · performance index

        1. Forms of exercise: up-down flapping, twisting movement, front prey moving and its free combination form

        2. Fluctuation flapping amplitude: - 50 ° ~ + 50 °

        3. Torsionally: - 30 ° ~ + 30 °

        4. Taken before and after the dynamic range: - 30 ° ~ + 30 °

        5. Motion control precision: + 1 °

        6. Flapping frequency: 0 ~ 15Hz

        7. The software platform: based on Windows operating system graphical

        interface interactive operating software

        8. The machine size range: no more than 50 x 50 x 50cm





        Intelligent Hydraulic Test-bed
        Product categories
        Wide range transient power supply
        High frequency motor driver
        High-precision data acquisition
        Multi Dimensional Force Sensor
        Intelligent Hydraulic Test-bed
        Self stabilized platform
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