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        Xian New intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd3

        · System introduction

        YiChi motion simulation system is used to simulate a bird's wings mobilise, sport forms including fluctuation flapping, front prey moving and twisting movement. Can realize the foregoing three kinds of sports and their combination forms of exercise, sports of amplitude and frequency can adjust the whole system implementation by sport transmission, motion control and motion parameters measurement of three parts.

        Movement transmission will turn through ball joints, shaft joints and linkage mechanism is converted to flapping, prey moving and twisting, Motion control through computer software set movement rules, and multiaxial controller send motor commands, motor drive accept order-driven LiuTai servo motor for circular motion, Movement parameter measurement through rotary encoder detect moving position, velocity and acceleration, through six dimension force sensor measuring three force component (Fx, Fy, Fz) and three torque component (Mx, wish, Mz).

        · Main function

        1) motion control: up-down flapping, dynamic and twisting taken before and after three sports and their free combination form.

        2) movement measurements: detection movement position, velocity, and acceleration, three force component (Fx, Fy, Fz) and three torque component (Mx, wish, Mz).

        3) the motion law of setting and detecting data analysis, storage and print.

        4) the system of the off-gauge and overload protection.

        · Performance index

        1. Forms of exercise: up-down flapping, twisting movement, front prey

        moving and its free combination form

        2. Fluctuation flapping amplitude: - 50 ° ~ + 50 °

        3. Torsionally: - 30 ° ~ + 30 °

        4. Taken before and after the dynamic range: - 30 ° ~ + 30 °

        5. Motion control precision: + 1 ° 6. Flapping frequency: 0 ~ 15Hz

        7. The software platform: based on Windows operating system graphical interface interactive operating software

        8. The machine size range: no more than 50 x 50 x 50cm



        Fla pin Simulation System
        Product categories
        Wide range transient power supply
        High frequency motor driver
        Fla pin Simulation System
        Uniaxial angular position/angular rate turntable
        High-precision data acquisition
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