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        Xian New intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd3

        · System introduction

        Surge testboard GIB181, according to GJB181A design, using computer control ac, dc power supply of high voltage and low voltage power supply output, normal, complete electrical equipment undervoltage surge, over voltage surge, instantaneous blackouts tests, and in the test, detection of the voltage waveform surge test bench.

        · performance index

        The input power supply: the power supply: 220VAC / 50HZ / 15 years,

        Surge auxiliary power supply:

        Communication: the three-phase four-wire 80 ~ 180V / 320 ~ 480HZ / 1KW; Dc: 18 ~ 50V, 200 ~ 350V / 1KW

        Surge output power: exchange: the three-phase four-wire 80 ~ 180V / 320 ~ 480HZ / 1KW;

        Dc: 18 ~ 50V, 200 ~ 350V / 1KW.

        Dc voltage surge: 8V / 50mS; 28V, 0V / 7S; 28V, 270V, 0V / 7S

        Dc over-voltage surge: 50mS; 28V / 80V, 50V / 50mS; 28V, 350V / 270V, 50mS

        Dc instantaneous 0V / 28 power: V, 50mS

        Ac voltage surge: 70V / 50mS; 115V, 0V / 115V, 7S

        Exchange over-voltage surge: 180V / 115V, 100mS exchange constant frequency,

        180V / 115V, 50mS exchange constant frequency, (180f / 420V) / 115V, 50mS ac frequency conversion

        Exchange instantaneous 0V / 115V, power: 50mS

        Normal voltage transient: normal voltage 3min - cap voltage curve - lower voltage curve - normal voltage 10s, Three times cycle

        According to GJB181 dc curve, According to GJB181A exchange curve

        Exchange normal frequency transients: normal frequency 3min - cap frequency curve - lower frequency curve - normal frequency 10s, Three times cycle according to GJB181A




        Voltage Surge Test-bed
        Product categories
        Wide range transient power supply
        Voltage Surge Test-bed
        Voltage Spike Generator
        High frequency motor driver
        High-precision data acquisition
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