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        Xian New intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd3

        · System introduction

          DuoWeiLi sensor refers to a kind of can simultaneously measuring two direction above force and moment of force sensor, in weight cartesian coordinates force and moment can be decomposed into their respective three components, therefore, DuoWeiLi most complete form is six dimension force/torque sensor, namely can simultaneously measuring three force components and three components of the torque sensor.

          product advantage: anti-free overload ability; The transmission rate high, Function: system software offers a variety of functions, including reset, data decoupling, multi-range alarm, digital low-pass filter, force/torque vector calculation, peak detection, rate calculation, coordinate transformation and numerical monitoring.

        · Performance index

        1:0 ~ + power cheng 30N

        2. Torque range: 0 ~ + 0.5 N.m

        3. Analog output: - 5V ~ + 5V

        4. Sensor appearance: less than 40 x Ф 20mm

        5. Sensing head weight: less than 0.4 Kg

        6. Use temperature: 0-40 ℃

        7 i. class error: < = 1% F.S

        8. Resolution: F.S 0.1%

        9. Allow overload: F.S 200%

        10. The software functions: set working state/data format/communications

        11. Methods of communication: standard 16-bit parallel, USB interface






        Multi Dimensional Force Sensor
        Product categories
        Wide range transient power supply
        High frequency motor driver
        High-precision data acquisition
        Multi Dimensional Force Sensor
        Intelligent Hydraulic Test-bed
        Self stabilized platform
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