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        Xian New intelligence Technology Co.,Ltd3


        xian new intelligence technology development Co., LTD. Is founded in October 2000, is specialized

        in automatic control, computer network,

        Hydraulic equipment, electronic products, intelligent instruments, sensor development, production

        and sales as the theme of the operational projects. male

        Company's tenet is advanced measurement products, professional experience, quality of system

        integration of technical support services to help us

        The user to set up his own practical system may new wisdom and your wisdom, open together brilliancy together!

          years the company mainly engaged in research work of mechanical and electrical products, currently has a mature three industries, respectively is wide

        Range transient power, high frequency motion control system and high-precision data acquisition system, product sales, development, integration harmony. Has launched tt&c production

        Product applied successfully in the peak signal generator, surge test rig, intelligent hydraulic projects in motion control, also a success: participation in state 863

        Plan bionic miniature flapping wing flight vehicle flapping simulation and measurement system, Launch electric wheelchair controller system, promote electric wheelchair localization process. Also provide much money

        Suitable for precision measurement and control in the field of DuoWeiLi sensor series products to meet the domestic market for good dynamic and static characteristic sensor demand.

          to build the company skills leading domestic market leading, quality of product, the management system industry leading enterprise image, all the employees in the company's common garadar

        Force, by 2010, application and GJB9001B GB/T19001-2009-2008 military specifications quality management system certification.

          if you in scientific research, manufacturing, sourcing, run into knotty problems, please contact us! We wish with comprehensive service, good reputation with you hand in hand,

        With our wisdom with you to create brilliant.


        Company introduction
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